Business Services

Uniserve provides custom information technology, data backups and storage solutions for businesses that save our clients time, money and provide peace of mind. Call us for a free consultation.


We specialize in helping businesses get the IT products and services they need. Let us help you get the right internet service at the right price. Simple, Reliable, Unlimited Internet. 24/7 support from our Vancouver office.

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Instead of your phone calls being transmitted over wires, they travel over the internet as data, just like e-mail. This dramatically lowers your telecommunications costs while boosting your productivity.

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Using the cTera Backup Platform, we provide you with a backup system that seamlessly combines local storage, cloud storage, data protection and collaborative capabilities in one package.

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Our service builds from your existing single broadband carrier, and gives you the multiple connections you need to keep your business running smoothly. You get fibre-like transmission speeds without fibre prices – and you’ll never be offline again.

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