High Speed Internet Business Plans

We specialize in helping businesses get the IT products and services they need. Let us help you get the right internet service at the right price. Simple, Reliable, Unlimited Internet. 24/7 support from our Vancouver office.

Cable internet from:

icons-feature-down Up to 5 Mbps
icons-feature-up Up to .512 Mbps
icons-feature-unlimited Unlimited data
icons-feature-nocontract No contract


DSL internet from:

icons-feature-down Up to 6 Mbps
icons-feature-up Up to 1 Mbps
icons-feature-unlimited Unlimited data
icons-feature-nocontract No contract


What’s the best internet choice for you? What’s the difference?

With Uniserve’s unique access to internet distribution channels, we can help you get the best service, whether it is DSL or Cable. What’s the difference?
Knowing the difference between cable and phone line delivery of your internet service can save you money and get you better results.
We’ll help you figure out which is the best fit for you. Uniserve gets you access to whichever is better for you.

High speed internet delivered via cable.

Internet delivery through Cable is a pathway where unlike DSL, the distance from the source doesn’t affect the speed of delivery. The number of subscribers using the service at any one time can be a cause for slower speeds. On the network used by Uniserve, the capacity utilization is low enough that subscribers rarely see significant decreases in speed.
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High speed internet delivered via phone line.

The DSL line is not shared with anyone else, so you get good consistent speed, but your location can affect the speed. The closer you are to the Central Office source the better speed you will get. We can tell you how far you are from the source and the possible affects.
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Bonded Broadband

From $400/mo

200Mbps Down
40Mbps Up

For optimum business productivity and bottom line, you need to be constantly connected. But if your connection is slow or unstable, it can seriously impact your business. Our custom bonded-broadband solution UniFlow, multiplies the speed and reliability of your internet services through the bonding of two or more carriers, giving you the multiple connections you need to keep your business always running smoothly. You get fibre-like transmission speeds without fibre prices – and you’ll never be offline again.

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Fibre Optic Internet

From $600/mo

10Mbps Down
10Mbps Up

Varies by location

Uniserve offers fast and secure fiber optics business internet services across Canada. Prices vary depending on location. For more information please contact us.

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